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Demolition underway for old Pelican Rapids High School theater building

DEMOLITION of the 1928-contstructed Pelican Rapids High School Fine Arts Auditorium began Thursday morning, August 21.
The crane and claw, which nibbled away at the brick and mortor structue, drew a crowd of spectators.
Demolition is expected to continue for at least a week.
Construction debris  will be removed over the next three- to four weeks, with the site is expected to be  cleared by about the third week in September.


Mill Pond  celebrates summer with tropical party  Aug. 21

It will be a tropical celebration August 21 at the Mill Pond View Apartments in Pelican Rapids.
The staff will be serving pulled-pork sandwiches, chips and water–all in a Hawaiin Luau theme. The event will be from 2-4 p.m.
Mill Pond, which is owned by the Schuett Companies, is on a campaign to fill vacancies.  Tours of the facility will be available.

2014 nominations sought for Pelican Chamber member, PRIDE honors

Pelican Rapids PRIDE will be on display for the annual Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce meeting Sept. 11. But in the days leading up to the annual dinner, the Chamber needs nominations for two honors:
•The PRIDE  (Pelican Rapids Individual Demonstrating Excellence) award.
•The Chamber Member of the Year award.
Nominees can be anyone from the Pelican Rapids area who has demonstrated and promoted Pelican Rapids in a positive way.  
To nominate an individual, the chamber is asking that a written nomination and an explanation of why the individual is deserving of the award.  
Nominations are due August 29, and can be mailed to the Chamber: Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 206, Pelican Rapids, MN 56572
email: tourism1@loretel.net
The annual Chamber dinner will ber held at the Lida Greens Golf Course Thursday, September 1.  read entire story. . . .

City races take shape in Pelican,  Dunn ballot set

No contests for Pelican Valley board seats  

A full ballot will face Pelican Rapids city voters for the general election November 11–with seven candidates seeking three available seats.
Meanwhile, the Pelican Rapids School Board election will be a quiet campaign–with only three candidates filing for the three seats on the ballot, and all of them incumbents.  Dena Johnson, Charlie Blixt and Kathy Ouren are all seeking re-election to their respective seats.
For the first time in at least three city elections, there will be contests for both Pelican Rapids City Council and the mayor’s seat.  read entire story. . . .

Pelican Valley security measures  discussed with Pelican city council

Pelican Valley Health Center will be adding security features at its entrance doors, as well as installing “private property”signs along the borders of its facilities.
The measures follow several reports of people walking into the Riverfront Manor assisted living apartment complex.  The incidents haven’t been frequent, and for the most part have been misunderstandings as to whether it was a public facility.  However, the Pelican Rapids Police Department was contacted earlier this summer about an individual who was evidently “panhandling” –asking for money–from residents.
Discussing the matter with the Pelican Rapids City Council August 11 was Barbara Garrity, executive director of the Pelican Valley Health Center.  
In a couple instances, the unexpected visitors were campers at the Pelican city campground to the east.  Don Solga, Pelican city administrator, noted that campers are not necessarily the people who are intruding at Pelican Valley facilities. He agreed that it was an appropriate time for improved security at Pelican Valley facilities–regardless of the proximity of the campground–to meet modern expectations and standards for multi-unit facilities.  read entire story. . . .

Assembly Engineering to build new facility in Pelican Industrial Park

A Pelican Rapids assembly business that is outgrowing its downtown location is planning to build a 4,000 square foot facility in the city’s industrial park.
Assembly Engineering owner Steve Strand is aiming at construction by mid-September, on an approximate 120 by 120 foot lot north of the Heart O’ Lake Quality Meats site in the city’s industrial park.  As a componant of the city’s economic development incentives, the lot will be deeded to Assembly Engineering at no cost.
Strand said the company expects to add at least five full-time positions over the next five years.
In a letter to the city, Strand stated that site preparation of the lot will be at least $8,000, a cost the company will assume.
The council agreed to a quit claim deed, which would transfer the lot to Assembly Engineering.  
Described as a “win-win” arrangement, city administrator Don Solga said the company’s expansion and relocation creates more jobs in the community–while also adding to the tax base by increasing activity in the industrial park.

Maplewood’s ‘Little Library’ is a first for Minn. state parks

Maplewood is the most literate state park in the state of Minnesota–complete with its own library.
Fixed to the earth, surrounded by nature’s finest, is a “Little Free Library” at the main campground.  The “little library” movement has come to Maplewood State Park, and it is a pilot project for the entire state.
Leading the local, neighborhood literacy movement are Van and Ruth Holmgren–who installed the Pelican area’s first “Little Free Library” in their front yard in Pelican Rapids.  The concept is simple: Free library boxes are placed in various locations, most of them residential neighborhoods, and folks are invited to “take a book, leave a book–or both.”  read entire story. . . .

The ‘Duke’ of Cormorant

The election of Duke the Dog as mayor of Cormorant Village generated publicity from around the globe.  Duke was “sworn in” as honorary mayor of the place–which is neither city, berg, village or hamlet, as the quaint community is officially under the jurisdiction of Cormorant Township.  That’s why Cormorant Township Board Chairman Steve Sorenson had the honors of inducting Duke as honorary mayor. Sorenson, wearing an official judge robe for the formalities on the Cormorant Daze stage, above far right, gave Duke the honor of leading the village by “bark and action.”  
With Mayor Duke is the master of the snowy-white Great Pyrenees, Dave Rick.

Work continues on school project, sudent Kick-Off Day August 20 at high school, junior high

PHOTO:  The final residential building on the Pelican Rapids High School block was demolished August 18-19

Student Kick-Off Day at Pelican Rapids high school and junior high school  will be held on Wednesday, August 20 from 4 pm -7 pm for students and parents.  Students in grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to tour the building, find their locker, deposit money in lunch account, pay activity fees, purchase activity passes, and will have the opportunity to communicate with their teachers before the school year begins. Ms. Siebels, school counselor, will be available for any questions or concerns during this time.

7th Grade Orientation
7th grade orientation is on Wednesday, August 20 from 6 pm to 7 pm at the high school gymnasium.  This evening consists of a building tour, meeting your teachers, finding your locker and practicing your locker combination.  Please bring a pen to 7th grade Orientation.

Pelican school renewal

Renovation-expansion formalized with groundbreaking
Construction work is underway nearly everywhere on the Pelican Rapids school campuses and athletic fields–but much of it is outside of the public eye.
As Superintendent Deb Wanek noted at an August 4 school board meeting and project update, the taxpayers aren’t getting the full picture.
There is a tendency, said Wanek, to view the project as basically a new auditorium, a new gym and more parking But behind the scenes are major improvements–many of which are aimed at improved instruction and academics.
For example, nearly 20 classrooms are being remodeled.  Electrical and technology upgrades are an important part of the expansion-renovation project.  Junior high classrooms are undergoing intense remodeling.  read entire story. . . .